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Most of the brands that belong to the mustard’s nation have to fight in Romania with a number of preconceived ideas. It is an anomaly, of course, because in other parts of the world, the mustard can present itself to you, at any time with an impressive curriculum vitae and convincing credentials, along with the warm recommendations coming from the exigencies of famous cuisines such as the French, German or the Italian ones. In other countries with ancient and bright culinary traditions, the grains of this spice are considered for centuries to be precious gems in the crown of the most refined menus, while in our country, mustard is considered a simple subordinate of the grilled sausages and hamburgers.

What an injustice! The mustard’s mission is not an easy one and it consists in spicing up your tongue, in order to preserve its taste and then toss it through a few extreme states. Without it, any picnic is a failed event, because after all, what would life be without a drop of spice?

It would only be fair that the mustard’s position in Romanian society be reassessed. With its unmistakable green, educated and packed at Tecuci, the mustard accompanies us for a lifetime.

Casa de negustori Copou (Copou Merchants’ House)